In the early 20th century the soft drinks consumed prior to today’s fizzy drinks began to be used, this being the time of “sachet” soda or lemonade, also known here as litines, and it was at that time, in 1915, when Sodas y Gaseosas Alejandro Martínez S.L. went into business.

The origin of this family firm lies in a small grocery shop owned by our grandfather and founder, Mr. Alejandro Martínez Máñez. As commercial development was just starting at that time, sale and manufacture were testimonial and on a local scale.

In the first decades of the firm’s existence the different trade names of our products were created - “El Tigre” and “Dos Soles” soda, the most anecdotic one being the assignment of the trade name of Miss Spain, 1929, “Gaseosa Pepita Samper”. This Valencian girl, in her promotion of Valencian products and the image of the Fallas festival, created the representative figure which led to the Fallas Queen or Fallera Mayor.

Years later, in the 1950s and 60s, with the incorporation of the following generation to the management of the company the greatest expansion took place thanks to the commercial and door to door work done all over Spain. In parallel the work done in industrial development enabled us to consolidate the quality of the products and services rendered, as a ground-breaking company using the best imported machinery, which constituted the main asset for our firm’s continuity and reinforcement.

From the last quarter of the 20th century until the present time the third generation joined the company management and the leadership of this firm has become established on such a competitive market as today’s. The insistence of the management on offering the best quality and getting our customers’ satisfaction got recognition in 2001 with the UNE EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate apart from fostering its quality - externally proven both by qualified concerns and by Ainia technology institute and internally through the care and personal supervision in daily work.

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