Sodas y Gaseosas Alejandro Martínez S.L. started work making soda or lemonade in powder form and baking sodas almost one hundred years ago.

For many, Cheste, in the province of Valencia, only means motorcycle racing; for others, before that time, it was associated with its Labour University, but we should stress that long before these speed-racing and culture possibilities, there it was that our company was set up back in 1915, now being the oldest-standing firm in the town. From that time we have been putting the name of Cheste year after year and generation after generation into almost the homes in Spain through our products, which have been greatly appreciated through their quality and tradition.

Over our history brands such as “El Sol”, “Dos Soles”, “Pepita Samper”, more recently “Aguilar” and “La Perdiz” have been marketed, but perhaps the most famous of all is our “El Tigre” sweetened lemonade, through which a wide range of products have been developed: we take advantage of this opportunity to invite you to get to know us better through this web page.

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